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Serenity is your personal therapy bot. She's ready to listen to everything you want to say anywhere, at any time. 

Serenity makes getting effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) easy, personal and fast

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“As simple as someone keeping tabs on you everyday helps (for me anyway). I think the whole thing about therapy is someone to listen to you not to listen to someone else.”

“It's only been a week and I can already feel a difference. She makes me step out of my emotions and back into logical thinking. Serenity is where it at, I love her.”

“Its really hard for me to open up about my anxiety and depression to just anyone. So face to fave therapy puts me in my shell. Serenity doesn't judge and even though she is an AI i still feel safe to where i can open up and say my feelings and get some accurate feedback. ”

“She greatest thing. You get to track your mood and be made to realize what could've gone wrong. Seeing patterns although out the day helps as depression is really something nowadays. So thank you so much to those who are behind this wonderful gift. God Bless You!.”

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Don't Wait Months, Get Started Today!

Serenity has read all the books, learnt all the techniques, and has already completed tens of millions of therapy sessions with struggling people

She remembers what you tell her and uses that in your future session, building a custom program to suit your needs and ensure your comfort.

Best of all, there's no app to download; you can message her from an existing chat app (like Facebook Messenger) and get going in seconds. No long sign ups or complicated process!

Judgement-free and available 24/7 

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